Skrea Camping, Falkenberg, Sweden

Skrea Camping, Falkenberg, Sweden

Adventure Golf Kompakt with 12 holes

Adventure Golf Kompakt at Skrea Camping

Skrea Camping in Falkenberg chose to install a new Adventure Golf Kompakt course instead of renovating their existing, slightly worn mini golf course.

“We wanted to give our guests something new, and Adventure Golf Kompakt was the perfect solution. It's a good-value, compact course that has quickly increased our profits,” says Roger Wiklund, CEO, Skrea Camping.


Skrea Camping is 200 metres from the sea and 2 km from the Falkenberg town centre. With 350 sleeping places and 520 camping spaces, it is one of Sweden's most popular campsites. 130'000 overnight guests checked in last season. “When planning to replace our old mini golf course, we sought some kind of Adventure Golf solution. We wanted something different from traditional mini golf, but we had limited space available. After scouting around for solutions, we found City Golf Europe and their product City Kompakt Golf. A perfect partner with a perfect product for us.”


“Kompakt Golf with 12 holes is an optimal solution for us. It's mini golf with an Adventure Golf feel,” says Roger. “Our visitors love our new mini golf course and we're delighted with the player numbers and our profits during the first season.”


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Corner golf hole at Skrea