Pine Beach Pakoštane, Croatia

Pine Beach Pakoštane, Croatia

Mini golf at Camping for eco-tourism and Robinson tourism

City Golf Europe AB has delivered 9 holes of City Budget mini golf to Pine Beach Pakoštane in Croatia. City Budget is the perfect golf system if you’re planning to open a new mini golf facility to supplement your existing business. City Budget is also an excellent way to upgrade an existing mini golf course.
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Charmed by the natural beauty of Pakoštane, the famous Belgian adventurer and water polo champion, Gerard Blitz, chose this place on the east Adriatic coast in 1960 to establish the first tourist resort within the world famous chain Club Mediterranee. After 45 years of collaboration under the name Club Pakoštane, they changed the name to Pine Beach Pakoštane and since 2006 they have operated independently although still continuing the best traditions of our founder, with a focus on eco-tourism and Robinson tourism, active holidays and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

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