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Pirate Adventure Golf at LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, Germany

Pirate Adventure Golf at LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, Germany

In June 2008, LEGOLAND® Resort Deutschland, near the Bavarian town of Günzburg, opened its “Holiday Village”, just outside the entrance to the park. In little more 10 years since then, what began as a regional amusement park, has evolved into an international resort with guests from 116 countries. Due to its increasing popularity, the accommodation capacity has required continuous expansion at the holiday village. A recent addition is the 142-room Pirate Island (Pirateninsel) hotel, which opened in March 2018. During the season, around 2,600 people stay overnight at the holiday village after the main park closes for the day.


The 15-hole Pirate Adventure Golf mini golf course, which also opened in March 2018, was built by City Golf Europe on a 1,200 m2 site in front of the Pirate Island hotel at the holiday village. The pirate-themed adventure golf course can be played by people of all ages - from 3 to 90 years of age - regardless of skill or ability; it is also fully adapted for persons with mobility disabilities. The course is specially designed to be played in two different ways: easy or challenging! Fun obstacles include a massive skull and a huge coiled snake, a treasure trove in a captain’s sea chest and a life-sized alligator built with hundreds of LEGO® bricks.


Adventure Golf scull in grass


Uncompromising High Quality

The undulating and contoured playing surfaces of the course are made of high-quality, coloured synthetic turf (fairways and fringes), which is highly resistant to UV colour degradation and requires only a minimum of maintenance due to its high-durability properties. The putting characteristics are very similar to putting on real grass greens.

We decided to partner with City Golf Europe because we were impressed by the technical expertise and the advice we were given, especially in areas of importance like health and safety, as well as the consideration of children’s needs. We also preferred the quality of their adventure mini golf courses.” Christian Sichert, director of the LEGOLAND Holiday Village.


Late-night Mini Golf for Everyone

Day-to-day running of the adventure golf course is managed via the reception staff at the hotel, without any need to recruit additional personnel. Although intended primarily for guests at the holiday village, the Pirate Adventure Golf course also welcomes the general public. Its long opening times mean that it is also open for everyone in the evening, after the main resort has shut.

Christian Sichert: "The unforgettable LEGOLAND experience keeps on going, even after the fun park has closed for the day.

An additional benefit is that parents staying at the Pirate Island hotel and in accommodation at the holiday village can relax at any of the resort’s 4 restaurants next to the course, while their children are playing nearby.


Main benefits of Pirate Adventure Golf course at LEGOLAND Holiday Village

  • Enhanced entertainment value and image of the entire LEGOLAND Resort Deutschland
  • Location outside main park: Additional ticket sales and increased turnover in surrounding restaurants/bars from all guests and visitors
  • Attractive opening times: Additional activity for guests and visitors in the evening, after the park has closed
  • Open to general public: Ideal for visiting families, individuals, groups of friends, sport clubs, etc. as well as business customers
  • Ticket sales to random and repeat visitors who are not planning to enter the main park
  • Minimal operating expenditure: The day-to-day running of course is managed by existing employees
  • Low-maintenance requirement: Playing surfaces are made of long-lasting and durable synthetic turf of the very highest quality
  • Always in top condition: Periodic refreshment of the course is performed according to a service contract.


Adventure Golf Snake Legoland 


Unlimited Choice from Europe’s Leading Adventure Golf Company

City Golf Europe is Europe’s leading adventure golf company. We offer you an unparalleled choice of mini golf courses to suit your budget. Our popular adventure golf courses are available in any configuration or creative theme, including indoor, glow-in-the-dark, “black-light” courses.

Adventure golf courses can be built on sites of approx. 500 m2 and upwards, outdoors or indoors, with or without water features, and on any flat or undulating terrain, including steep slopes. We supply a range of standard obstacles or customized decorations, including replicas of landmarks and buildings, vehicles of all kinds, as well as 3D graffiti sprayed backdrops and murals.

For more information contact our German representative – Mr Carsten Volpert - by email at (email link) or phone on +49 160 600 10 90.


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