Adventure Golf am BootsHouse, Germany

Adventure Golf am BootsHouse, Germany

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 Adventure Golf at BBQ Boots House

In the middle of summer 2017, the Adventure Golf am BootsHouse, a BBQ restaurant near the Alsdorfer Weiher lake, was opened. This facility is built in a stunningly varied environment on several levels. One moment you play in a lush forest and later you stand in the sun with the lake as a backdrop.

With the sea so clearly present, the marine theme felt natural from the start. To create a nicer environment, the Adventure Golf was divided into two parts on each side of the restaurant and with nine holes in each.

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Play the ball through a boat, a loop with a ship’s steering wheel, over a bridge, under the green, and much more. The marine feel is reinforced with ropes and nets that hang between posts and as the player progresses he has to get on a raft to cross the water.

Surrounded by surfboards, hole eight has an additional challenge as there are several holes that seem to lead the ball to the next level, but the player does not know that there is only one hole that leads to the green. The rest takes the ball back to the tee. Here it takes both luck and skill to find the right hole.


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