Ringkøbing Adventure Golf, Denmark

Ringkøbing Adventure Golf, Denmark

12 holes with park theme
Adventure golf green next to water and flowers

Ringkøbing Adventure Golf is a beautiful course in a landscaped setting on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. In addition to the spectacular adventure golf course there are also a nine-hole football golf course, four bowls pitches, and four putt curl pitches that attract many visitors. This is a perfect mix of activities that will appeal to all ages, whether you are staying at the park or simply spending lunchtime here.


The adventure golf course has 12 holes spread over a site covering around 2,000 square metres and set among flowerbeds, ponds and waterfalls. Each green has a movable cup, and the holes are very long. They give the appearance of a full-size course and are surrounded by splendid flower beds. The House and Garden shop in the park supplied many of the plants for the floral displays.


It costs 75 Danish kroner to play Adventure Golf and every season around 20,000 players test themselves at the park.

>>Find out more about Ringkøping Adventure Golf on the City Park website


People playing Adventure GolfMan aiming for the cup while playing adventure golfA lot of flowers at Rinkobings Adventure Golf

Park themed Adventure GolfPeople playing adventure golf

Hilly golf fairwayVisitors at Ringkobing