Unschlagbar Husum, Germany

Unschlagbar Husum, Germany

A travel over four climat zones in 18 Black Light holes


Travel through the arctic, coral reef, jungle and, finally, the desert. Meet the colf, animals, sand, a diver and much more over these 18 unique holes that can be played in the UV light and in regular lighting.


The first four holes cool down our world to far below freezing point and there is snow as far as the eye can reach. Play the ball through the igloo, take a picture in winter clothes and marvel at beautiful polar bears and penguins.


Ice cold adventure golf

Hole 5-8 takes us far below the surface. Immerse yourself in the coral’s beautiful world and watch out for the octopus that stretches its long tentacles across the fairway. On the walls there are colorful fish and coral.


Ocean themed crazy golf

Through the jungle runs hole 9-12. The ball is played through ferns, a glowing volcano and dinosaurs.


Blacklight dinosaur at adventure golf course

The last four holes make the player sweat. The desert landscape offers camels, oases and dangerous snakes.


Hot desert blacklight adventure golf


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