Jambo Feriepark, Denmark

Jambo Feriepark, Denmark

Africa-style Adventure Golf with 18 holes

Visitors playing Adventure Golf into a cave

”From day one this was a tremendous success”, said owner Karsten Egelund.


Jambo is Swahili and means ”Hello and welcome”. This really matches the atmosphere at Jambo Feriepark in Denmark, where the staff and the surroundings welcome their visitors with open arms. City Golf Europe had the priviledge to enhance their facilities with a Africa-style Adventure Golf course.


The owner, Karsten Egelund, said: ”Our minigolf course was built during the winter and early spring of 2008 and inaugurated in May the same year. From Day One it was a tremendous success.”


Hut at Jambo Adventure Golf
Karsten Egelund continues: ”Our Adventure Golf course is a great attraction and it complements the other facilities in our park. What is so unique about mini golf compared to our other facilities is that it can be played by everyone. Children play together with their grandparents - this is truly a family activity.

We also have quite a few golf players coming here to practice their precision. We have around 35,000 players each season and of course this has a positive effect on our restaurants, ice cream and bar sales, etc. City Golf has been a positive, creative and professional partner during the years of our cooperation - they really know this business from A to Z.”


Kids playing Adventure Golf among elephantsInside the cave at Jambo Adventure Golf

Jambo Adventure Golf built by City Golf EuropeBridge with children walking over it at adventure golfSkeleton at the golf course

Crocodile in front of kids playing adventure golfAdventure golf play instruction

Elephant fountain at Jambo adventure golfHelicopter shot of the Adventure GolfCouple at Jambo adventure golf