Madsby Legepark, Denmark

Madsby Legepark, Denmark

Combi - 3 holes Adventure Golf and 9 holes Kompakt

Family at Madsby Legepark Adventure Golf

The Adventure Golf Kompakt course in Madsby Play Park in Fredericia, Denmark has been a success. The course, which actually consists of 9 Adventure Golf Kompakt holes and 3 Adventure Golf holes, is located inside the 75,000 square metre play park.


Madsby Play Park is a green oasis in the centre of Fredericia. It is one of Denmark’s busiest tourist attractions with roughly 350,000 visitors a year. The park generates up to 30 employees for its upkeep and maintenance, and is owned and run by the Municipaliaty of Fredericia.

In Madsby Legepark you will find time and place for leisure and activities for the whole family when using the large sand playground. One of the big attractions are all the animals, such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, brush tail rats and squirrels. There are also a number of traditional farm animals such as chickens, sheep and cows.


Elephant at Adventure Golf

In addition they also have a circus during the summer 2014, with all that this entails. As you can see on the pictures, the elephant is a great fan of mini golf; it is so nice to walk upon… Its goal was that after this season it would be not only the world’s biggest mini golf player but also the best!


Seating area at the Adventure GolfMen counting scores after playing adventure golf