"We would like more visitors"

"We would like more visitors"

Bergafjärdens Camping near Sundsvall, Sweden, is investing heavily in readiness for the next summer holiday season.

The company plans to let City Golf Europe construct a 3,000 m2 (sqm) Adventure Golf course this spring.  “We will start in April and hope to finish everything by mid-May”, says the owner of Bergafjärden Camping, Lenny Johansson.

“It’s almost like mini golf - but with longer holes and on artificial grass”, says Lenny Johansson, describing what an adventure golf course looks like.

“The course at Bergafjärden will consist of twelve holes, two bridges - one of which is a miniature likeness of the new E4 motorway bridge over the Sundsvall estuary - and occupy an area of about 3,000 square meters.

There will also be stone paths so that wheelchair users can get around”, continues Lenny Johansson.

“We hope to get more visitors, and to use the new golf course with improved holiday homes to attract more visitors to our restaurant. We are constantly trying to develop everything”, says Lenny Johansson.