Quest hits the market with a promised start

Quest hits the market with a promised start

The mission rooms product has got a flying start and get's high praise after the IAAPA Expo in London.

October 31, 2022


Quest is a thrilling and challenging mission-room product, created for all age groups! The big advantage of this product is that it is fully automated. Each Quest room re-sets itself after
use, and is ready for the next players to enter. Easy to have, easy to play.







Since the premiere and opening of the first Quest facility in Germany this summer, the attention has risen each month for the mission rooms product.


Besides acknowledgement in articles and a good customer feedback, the product where also presented a month ago by the company sales representatives at the IAAPA Expo Europe i London. The expo is the most attractive for the amusement parks and attractions industry.



The expo booth contained a showing of the product video, sales material and also a possiblilty to play a smaller version of the mission room Lights Out that is available at the Quest facility built in Germany.


For more information about Quest, please visit the product page.