Project completed - New MOS facility installed in Sweden

Project completed - New MOS facility installed in Sweden

A unique Mini Golf Open standard facility is now open for play in Karlstad.

31 May, 2023


A unique and fun project is now completed in Karlstad, Sweden. One of the country's most successful mini golf clubs in recent years, Skoghalls BGK, can now proudly show a modern MOS facility, which meets the Mini Golf Open standard and with that they can then organise national and international competitions.


The courses produced and designed by us are always adapted for the disabled, and this time is no exception. Although the course in Skoghall is divided into two areas, where 9 holes are laid out on a slope with winding paths and rippling waterfalls, the slope of the paths never exceeds 8 per cent. This means that the facility is accessible to everyone who wants to play minigolf.





We hope that Skoghalls BGK's investment can continue to contribute to interest in the sport at both local and national level and that all game enthusiasts, amateurs and competitive players can enjoy the wonderful environment and challenging and fun courses that have now been installed and ready to play on!


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