View of the Pirate Adventure Golf course at the LEGOLAND Holiday Village with the 142-room Pirate Island hotel in the background.

Pirate Adventure Golf at LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, Germany

Pirate Adventure Golf at LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, Germany

In March 2018, the LEGOLAND Resort Deutschland near Günzburg, Germany, opened the 15-hole Pirate Adventure Golf course (Piraten Golf) at the LEGOLAND® Holiday Village.

The themed mini golf course was designed and built by City Golf Europe on a 1,200 m2 site in front of the Pirate Island (Pirateninsel) hotel, and is one of a variety of activities available to children and families staying at the holiday village. During the season, around 2,600 people overnight at the holiday village after the main park closes every day.


Christian Sichert, director of the LEGOLAND Holiday Village: “We decided to partner with City Golf Europe because we were impressed by their technical expertise and the advice we were given, especially in areas of importance like health and safety, as well as the consideration of children’s needs. We also preferred the quality of their adventure mini golf courses.”


Situated just outside the main amusement park, the adventure golf course not only welcomes LEGOLAND guests but also the general public, and has the added benefit that it stays open after the resort closes. "The unforgettable LEGOLAND experience keeps on going, even after the fun park has closed for the day,” says Christian Sichert. This effectively means that, after a long day at the resort, parents staying at the holiday village can relax in the evenings at any of the resort’s 4 restaurants next to the course, while their children play nearby.


The exquisitely contoured and imaginative adventure golf course is set in lush tropical gardens with palm trees and colourful plants. The fun-filled course features, among other things, obstacles like an enormous skull, a huge coiled snake, a life-sized alligator built with hundreds of LEGO® bricks and a treasure trove in a captain’s sea chest.  


People of all ages - from 3 to 90 years of age – can play regardless of skill or ability. Instruction panels displayed at each tee indicate two different ways to play the hole: either an easy or more challenging route. The course is also fully adapted for persons with mobility disabilities.


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