Change in management at City Golf Europe AB

Change in management at City Golf Europe AB

A change in management has gone in to action at November 1st. Alexander Aalto (Larsson) steps up at the position of CEO.

1 November, 2023


Tom Lundgren has earlier this autumn communicated that he was stepping down of the role as CEO for City Golf Europe AB, at his own request. Making his last day at the office on the 31th of October.



Tom has been in the company since 2012, beginning as a Business controller. At 2014, he took over the business and the role as CEO. For over a decade he has been highly involved in the company's growth over many years at the market of Mini Golf and Adventure Golf, but also expanding the product portfolio with the newcomer Quest Mission Rooms, and more.


We would like to send our regards to Tom and wish him all the best with the chapter that lies beyond.


Our former Head of finance, Alexander Aalto (Larsson), steps up as CEO from 1th of november.