3 tips to improve your putting

3 tips to improve your putting

Read the putting champion Ricard Lockner's 3 best tips to start improving your putting technique.

The putting technique plays a central role in all forms of golfing - Adventure golf, Minigolf and regular golf. We asked the champion, Ricard Lockner, about his 3 best tips on how to master this difficult skill. This is what he said:


Find a technique that suits you
Find a style / technique that works for you. Do not try to mimic other players because it will not work when you get stressed for an important putt. When nervousness and uncertainty hits you, your technique is the first to suffer. The greatest chance that you succeed in getting in the ball in the hole, you have if you found the most natural and simple putting movement as possible.


When an instructor says, "Here's how to stand, hold, aim, and so on, to be a good putter" it can definitely work, but when it all comes down it's important that it feels natural and easy for you. Who knows your body and movements best? You or an instructor? When you come to a stressful situation, your muscle memory will strive for the simple and natural for you.

Use spots
Playing over predetermined marks/spots between you and the hole will make the accuracy better and you can easily evaluate if you made mistakes. The spots can be e.g. color changes in the grass or other stains. Did I meet the mark or not? Did I hit it too hard or too loose? This will simply make it easier to correct your misses.

Follow the putt
The putting motion should be shorter backwards than forwards. 1/3 movement backwards should be followed by 2/3 forwards. If you accelerate through swing, the putt will get better. Doing the opposite and slowing down, the swing will make the putt feel insecure and much less accurate.