Transform your mini golf course into a black light course

Transform your mini golf course into a black light course

Laserdome in Gothenburg, Sweden made a profitable investment Paint your mini golf course and attract more players Fast payback & high profit

Black light mini golf in a laser tag arena.
Stefan Strömberg, owner of the Laserdome laser tag arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, made an investment that paid off.

“The black light mini golf has been a huge success. It's had an amazing response and the investment paid off in less than a year.”

Stefan has run the Laserdome arena in Gothenburg for 20 years. Laser tag is a game where players chase each other in the dark with laser weapons. Stefan got the idea of installing a fluorescent mini golf course in the arena whilst travelling in the USA. The golf holes and edges of the structures are painted with fluorescent paint, and the balls are also fluorescent. The paint glows in the dark and guides players round the course. The black light mini golf facility has enjoyed enormous success.
“I expected to earn back the investment in 3 to 5 years,” says Stefan. “But it took less than a year, exceeding all my expectations.”

Stefan bought a 9-hole City Fun Park mini golf course from City Golf Europe. He painted the edges and holes with fluorescent paint.
“We bought the mini golf course brand new, which made it quite easy to paint,” he says.
“And as a positive side effect, it doubles as a regular mini golf facility when we turn the lights on!”

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