Help us pick a winner!

Help us pick a winner!

Calling All City Golf Europe Fans... Help us find the most beautiful hole in Adventure Golf


City Golf Europe has built over 300 adventure golf courses in European countries.

Now we want to find out which holes you think are the most beautiful… 


Just mail us a photo* of your favourite adventure golf hole - built by us, naturally - and we will enter it into our poll to find the most beautiful hole in adventure golf.

Photos can include various categories including colourful flower beds, herbaceous borders, a particularly stunning fairway or a spectacular obstacle.


Photos must be submitted in digital form by email to together with the following information**:


  1. 1. Country
  2. 2. Name of adventure golf course 
  3. 3. Hole number
  4. 4. File name of photo (preferably JPEG)


The deadline for submission of photos is 30th September 2019

Entries will be judged by a panel of 5 Adventure Golf experts from City Golf Europe AB***. The winning hole will be published and announced on our website and on our social media channels.

The owner(s) of the adventure golf course considered to have the most beautiful hole in adventure golf will receive accessories, equivalent in value to 1,000 EUR (excl. VAT) from City Golf Europe’s current Accessories catalogue.

The person who send us the winning picture will recieve a cash prize of 100 EUR !


*) It is conditional that each photo submitted must be of a hole on an adventure golf course built by City Golf Europe. City Golf Europe AB reserves the right to publish all photos entered on our website and on our social media platforms.

**) City Golf Europe will not ever sell or knowingly give or transfer any personal data gathered during this survey in any form whatever to any third party.

***) Disclaimer: The decision taken by each judge is purely based on his/her opinion and is incontestable. City Golf Europe categorically rules out any recourse to legal action