Euroform w - our new distributor in Italy

Euroform w - our new distributor in Italy

It is with great pleasure that we at City Golf Europe welcome Euroform w as our new distributor in Italy. The program of City Golf Europe, the leading manufacturer of adventure golf and mini golf courses in Europe, offers for Euroform w the ideal complement to our outdoor play and fitness facilities. The variety of products from Mini Golf and City Smart Golf to Adventure Golf is a profitable proposition for our customers and guarantee repeat visitors. The products offer a high quality, with a long lifespan and can be used by persons with different ability levels and also by disabled people. We see a big potential on the Italian market with huge possibilities first of all in the tourism sector, says Euroform w's Managing Director, Bernhard Winkler.

This is Euroform w 
creative, fast, flexible since nearly 50 years

Euroform w´s mission
Euroform w's task is to develop and design outdoor spaces that are enjoyable and suitable for people of all ages. What is especially important to Euroform w is the meeting of man and nature, as well as play, movement, health and safety.

Euroform w creates opportunities
.. and think today of our future generations. The long life of Euroform w's products (on average 25 years) ensures an activity management based on the saving of energy and resources. An economy based on the three-pillar model: the environmental, social and economic aspects is important for Euroform w.

Euroform w's products

  •          urban furniture
  •          playground equipment
  •          skate parks
  •          fitness, parcour, sport
  •          solutions for the elderly
  •          ski depot systems
  •          other personalized solutions


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