Black Light Golf finished in Germany

Black Light Golf finished in Germany

Timo Gildemeister invested 1.3 m EUR into the development of his event centre in Husum, Germany. New attractions comprise High Climbing (, Laser Tag ( and Blacklight Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe.

In only 4 months a new floor was built into the existing building and all the attractions were ready. This is the first 18-hole Blacklight Adventure Golf with realistic Blacklight painting in Europe. The artwork was developed and accomplished by City Golf’s exclusive artist Costwo (Marcel Graf). The course is designed to be played in either blacklight (glow-in-the-dark) or normal lighting conditions. The murals can be viewed without “disturbing” 3D glasses. Realistic figures, plants and the method of painting give a three-dimensional feel to the surroundings.


Visitors are guided through four different worlds from the fascinating ice world through an underwater landscape with a thrilling octopus into a prehistoric world of dinosaurs and jungle life with dangerous animals, and finally into burning heat of a desert oasis. Take a journey through the climate zones of the world in Husum! We wish Timo and his team great success with this unique entertainment facility built by City Golf Europe.


Black Light desert roomDinosaurs at Husum Adventure Golf

T-rex at Husum

Winter black light golf

Black light golf with boat

Under water themed room

3D effect octopusBlack light diver