Adventure in Middle Age theme

Adventure in Middle Age theme

”Working togehter with Citygolf was a great pleasure, the staff is very professional and openminded about new ideas during the buildingprocess”. Says owner, the baron Landsberg-Velen.

The theme of the course is middleage, because of the location close to castle of Dankern. 

The sword of King Artus, a horse lost its shoes on a hole, on the way to the stable,a castle surrounded by water containing 3 holes,  a which in front of a big boilingpot and many other details makes it a great pleasure and experience to play on the course. The adventuregolf courses enriches the hole center of holidays, houses to rent for the holidays, a swimminghall, a leisure park, a lake with many attractions and more.

The placement of the course in front of the entrance of the leisurepark allowsalso people from the surrounding area to spend some hours of fun with the family and friends without paying for the leisurepark.

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