Adventure Golf wins award

Adventure Golf wins award

The owners of Trosa Parkgolf have been awarded the title Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Trosa Parkgolf, a facility with an Adventure Golf course from City Golf Europe, has won the award Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 in the small town Trosa. City Golf Europe sends its warmest congratulations to Monica Olsson and Tommy Andersson. We are delighted at our customers’ success. Trosa Parkgolf won first place out of 90 new companies that were started in 2014. The facility opened in the last weekend of May 2014 and attracted 13,500 visitors during its first season. The exceptionally warm summer in 2014 caused many tourist destinations to lose customers. In light of this, part owner Monica Olsson expects Trosa Parkgolf to attract even more Adventure Golf players in summer 2015. Moreover, the facility will open a month earlier this year than last year.

Why did Monica and Tommy win the prize, in addition to the reasons cited in the motivation below?

“It’s a family activity that everyone can take part in. I think the judges, as well as our visitors, are impressed by the excellent condition of the Adventure Golf facility, and they appreciate its theme of famous sights in Trosa Municipality,” says Monica, who is proud and pleasantly surprised.

“Other entrepreneurs have complimented us on how we developed the business from idea to opening, and on how we ran the facility during the winter. We keep the attraction alive by putting up decorations at Christmas and Easter, and by continuing to perform maintenance even when it is closed for the season. ”

“Everyone who drives into Trosa passes the Adventure Golf facility, and many are attracted to the miniature replicas of Trosa’s famous buildings and sights.”


Motivation for the award from Trosa Municipality and Trosa Enterprise Centre:

When selecting the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, priority was placed on results and hosting skills.

The company has been skilfully developed from scratch into a full-fledged business, and always maintains excellent relations with the Municipality, suppliers and fellow entrepreneurs. They are able to keep many balls in the air at once, and their customers can enjoy raft rides and town hall bells in a place where the grass is greener than on the other side.

The winner is Trosa Parkgolf

Monica Olsson & Tommy Andersson