Fast return on investment (ROI)

Fast return on investment (ROI)

Registrate here to use our ROI calculator! Then you can quickly and easily find out how many players you need per day to recover your investment and profit from a Miniature or Adventure Golf course. Try our calculator now and prepare to be astonished how quickly you will start profiting from your investment!

(Please note that the calculation is an estimation, and is only for preliminary purposes.
Prices do not include VAT).

  • The price of a 9-hole adventure golf course starts at 100.000 Euro.
  • The price of a 9-hole City Budget mini golf course starts at 10.500 Euro.

Enter your data in the yellow fields in the calculator, and you will soon receive an answer.


Make money with Adventure golf and Minigolf

Examples of Adventure Golf courses:
- Südsee Camp, Germany: 20,000 games per year

- Alton Towers, UK: 45,000 games per year

- Jambo Feriepark, Denmark: 30,000 games per year (8,50 Euro per person generates 255.000 Euro annually)



Examples of Minigolf courses:
- Ebeltoft Strandcamping, Denmark: 4,000 games per year
(generates approx. 13.507 Euro annually)

- Vejers Strand Camping, Denmark: 4,000 games per year
(generates approx. 13.507 Euro annually)