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Adventure golf
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Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf is played on indoor or outdoor golf courses with a wide variety of themes.
The courses may include buildings, water systems, bunkers, obstacles and ornamental

An exciting project starting with your idea and ending with the finished product,
where only your imagination sets the limits.

We have supplied over 220 adventure golf courses to facilities throughout Europe. 

Get inspired!

Frontpage Adventure golf brochure from City Golf Europe

Adventure Golf from the Market Leader 

Adventure Golf is mini golf at its most exciting and challenging. Our Adventure Golf courses are available in different variants:

  • Fully-customised, premium Adventure Golf courses, either natural in style or themed
  • Compact, all-inclusive Adventure Golf courses for maximum cost efficiency. These are sold under the "Adventure Golf Kompakt" brand (previously City Smart)
• Our green, natural-style premium and compact Adventure Golf courses offer your visitors a fun-filled putting experience enjoyed on synthetic grass. Courses can be designed (on request) with a wide variety of additional man-made features such as streams, ponds and rocks, as well as rafts, waterfalls and bridges. Adventure golf with Natural theme from City Golf Europe AB

• Themed premium Adventure Golf courses are customised to you specific requirements, where only your imagination sets the limits. Popular adventure themes include Pirate Golf, Jungle Golf, Medieval Golf, Jurassic Golf, Witches' Golf, Historical Golf and many, many more. The choices are endless!

Adventure golf with Jungle theme from City Golf Europe AB

City Golf Europe is the European market leader in Adventure Golf. With over 65 years of tradition in the manufacture of mini golf courses, we have the experience and know-how to provide you with an Adventure Golf course for maximum player enjoyment and optimal profitability. 

Whether you choose a compact or premium Adventure Golf course, in a natural or themed style, you will gain a fantastic opportunity to attract new visitors, generate high earnings in player fees, and increase supplementary business income through sales of fast moving consumer goods, such as food, drinks and merchandise.

Adventure golf with Custom Made theme from City Golf Europe AB


Adventure Golf - how does it work?

1. Everything starts with a need. You have a piece of land that you want to utilise for a profitable activity.

Photo from above: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
2. City Golf Europe has the ideas. We help you visualise how your specific land can be used to maximum effect.Photo from above: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
3. For a small cost, our engineers will design a basic plan according to your preferences and needs.layout: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
4. From plan to profitable finished product. Our experienced designers start the ground work.Start of project: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
5. The landscape takes shape and the details are installed.Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
6. Everything is finished. Your customers are waiting.Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
7. Our golf courses require minimum maintenance ...Finnished: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
8... and withstand all weather conditions.Winter: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB
9. “Building an adventure golf course was an exciting major project that has generated large revenues.” Björn Reineborg, Gustavsvik Camping site & Holiday Village, Örebro, Sweden.”Gustavsvik: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB




Adventure Golf - service

Our commitment stretches beyond delivering top class Adventure Golf courses. All products need love and care, including our golf courses. 

We offer various after sales services. You can book a visit from our service truck with qualified staff who will perform all the necessary services to restore your course to its original condition.

Our services include supervision and inspection of hole cups, game instructions, flags, flagsticks as well as brushing up of artificial grass and replenishing of top dressing sand. We can also modify your course according to your requirements.

>> Contact your closest distributor for prices and more information

service: Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe ABService- and project car. Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB


Adventure Golf - movies

Adventure golf, Leksand Strand in Sweden 

Adventure golf,  different courses in Sweden

Adventure Golf at Hälla Golf Club in Västerås, Sweden

Film about the Adventure golf in Abbey Hill, England

Adventure golf indoors at Lalandia, Denmark

Marina di Venezia, Venice - Italy

Each hole can be played in 2-3 different ways

Profit from a Miniature Adventure Golf Course at Your Campsite 

Make your campsite even more attractive by adding a new recreational activity, which pays for itself in a very short time. Our miniature Adventure Golf courses offer your guests more fun and excitement and enable you to doubly profit from intake of player fees and supplementary earnings.


Adventure Golf is an activity for anyone and everyone – individuals, families and groups of friends; it can be played by young and old alike… from 3 to 90 years of age! It requires no previous experience -  just pick up a putter, ball and scorecard and start playing.

Frontpage Adventure golf brochure from City Golf Europe

Gålö Camping, Sweden
Gålö Camping, Sweden

Our miniature Adventure Golf courses are available in two styles – either with a natural look, or themed to any “adventurous” topic of your choice. Hole designs can be customized in any shape or size, or offered in an all-inclusive compact version -- Adventure Golf Kompakt -- for optimum cost efficiency.

Depending on your budget and the space available, you can select between 9, 12 and 18 holes. Water features such as streams, pools, waterfalls and fountains are also available on request. For more information download our free brochure, here.

Frontpage Adventure golf brochure from City Golf Europe

A game of Adventure Golf takes around one hour to play. This time span offers excellent potential for additional earnings from sales of snacks, ices and candy as well as hot and cold drinks. Supplementary earnings commonly amount to about 20% of total intake.

Kärradals Camping, Sweden

Our Adventure Golf courses are extremely long-lasting, highly resistant to colour fading, and only require a minimum of maintenance and staffing.

Furthermore, our courses are fully DDA compliant, which enables them to be played by people with walking disabilities and in wheelchairs.

Camping Village Le Capanne, Italy                                              Frykenbadens Camping, Sweden

City Golf Europe works with you on the design, planning and construction of your course from start to finish. 

Find out how you can profit by investing in an Adventure Golf course to enhance family recreation activities at your campsite.  Click here to download your free brochure.

You can mail to discuss your ideas or plans, completely without obligation. 



Extract more profit potential from your existing golf business


Attract new demographics!

Attract more paying customers to your golf course or driving range by offering Adventure Golf  ̶  a highly profitable recreational activity from City Golf Europe.

Adventure Golf is a fast-growing sport which is immensely popular with people of all ages and gender. It is amazing fun and easy to play. And, it is a magnet for new and repeat visitors, appealing especially to people who have had no previous contact with the game of golf:

  • Children and families, women, and groups of friends
  • School class visits as well as special-interest groups
  • Events arranged by other types of sports clubs
  • Business events and customer days
  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Social occasions, for example, anniversaries and wedding receptions. 


Raise your profitability

Adventure Golf is a highly profitable investment, which pays off quickly. Our customers frequently amortize their investment in less than 3 years.

Other benefits include peripheral sales in your golf shop, driving range and restaurants, and a surge of interest in golf lessons and beginners’ courses. 


References at golf courses

We have a long list of reference installations at golf courses and driving ranges throughout Europe. Leading golf clubs in Germany, like the Wissmannshof Golf Resort, GC Bad Arolsen and GC Wiesloch Hohenhardter Hof, have chosen to invest in Adventure Golf to increase earnings and profitability.

Find out how you can profit more by adding Adventure Golf at your golf business. Download our free brochure and see our installations at golf courses and driving ranges in Germany and throughout Europe. 


Unparalleled design and construction capabilities

Almost all golf facilities have sufficient space available on their premises to build a 9-, 12- or 18-hole Adventure Golf course. We will design and build your unique, high-quality Adventure Golf course to suit any terrain; we have built courses in places you would not normally consider possible, even on the steepest slopes and under power lines. To find out more request a completely free consultation at your site, without any obligation.

Contact us by email: or call 0160 – 600 10 90. Click here for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you.


>> Read our "Golf + Adventure Golf = Pure Profit" - brochure here

>> Film: Golf and Adventure golf, a good combination (2,5 min. long)

Golf + Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB = Pure Profit

Adventure Golf from City Golf Europe AB at Hälla Golf Center, Sweden